Wenger's Destroyed My Son
Published On: March 21, 2013
Source: Sun
Wenger's Destroyed My Son
WOJCIECH SZCZESNY’S dad last night accused Arsene Wenger of destroying his son by forcing him to play when he was injured.

Maciej Szczesny claimed Arsenal boss Wenger made the keeper fight on through a shoulder injury and return too quickly from a toe problem.

Wenger dropped Szczesny last week and his dad accused the Frenchman of using him as a scapegoat for Arsenal’s woeful season.

Szczesny Snr, a former Polish international keeper, said: “All those who think Wenger made the right decision about Wojciech should think where his worse form came from.

“Wenger already started to look for a scapegoat and found Wojciech. You don’t do such things. Obviously, he is in worse form now than a year ago but not for no reason. He had two bad injuries.

“With the first he played through April and May last season.
“It was unreasonable that he got persuaded by an experienced manager.
“I have huge complaints for this manager.
“He played with Wojciech’s health and Wojciech got persuaded to do this stupidity.

“Mr Wenger messed up a lot during April and May last year. I don’t blame a young man that he got persuaded — I would be persuaded, too.”
Arsenal have recorded 2-0 wins over Bayern Munich and Swansea since Szczesny, 22, was replaced by Lukasz Fabianski.

Speaking to a Polish newspaper, Szczesny Snr added: “Wojciech’s form is a result of playing with injury for two months and that he had a problem with a metatarsal in August.

“He recovered from it but after a week he was playing again in the Premier League.

“How is it possible? He is not training properly for about a year and whose fault is it? His?

“No, it’s the fault of an experienced coach and that he doesn’t take care of Wojciech’s form and his future.”

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