Feeling Too Hot? Review Your Fashion Choices
Source: Published On:December 07, 2012
The weather is very warm nowadays, which obviously informs the types of clothes you choose to wear, makeup, and everything else. Hot weather has always been a part of us. It is nothing new but some days are hotter than other days and comfort is essential when it comes to fashion. It helps you to express your fashion sense better.

Hot weather makes you sweat, you feel sticky, and people with oily skin are mostly disadvantaged during this weather, as their skin produces more oil which causes skin conditions like pimples.

This is very important; it only makes sense that during warm sunny days, it is better to shower with cold water. The cold water gives you a cool and comforting feeling and prevents your skin from producing extra oil. Whereas warm or hot water makes you sweat right after you get out of the shower. Makes you feel extra warm and will also make you sweat. It is therefore advisable to bath with cold water.

Use water-based skin lotions after bathing. Prevents you from sweating excessively which makes clothes stick on your body or creating sweat marks in your clothes which is certainly embarrassing, when it draws attention. 
This is for the ladies; your hair style during this period may contribute to the amount of heat you feel around you. Therefore, keep your hair short, or style it away from your face and neck area. For long hair and braids, pony tails are the best. 

In relation to clothes, the lighter the colour, the less heat it attracts. It’s basic knowledge that dark colours especially black, attracts and retains a lot of heat so it’s advisable to stay away from them as much as possible or mix them up with lighter colours to ward off some amount of heat. The weight of the fabric is also important. Lighter airy fabrics are most convenient. 

With footwear, sandals, peep toe shoes are better options. If it’s a casual outing, slippers will do.

Finally, drink a lot of water to help you from getting dehydrated. 

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