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Feeling Too Hot? Review Your Fashion Choices
The Weather Is Very Warm Nowadays, Which Obviously Informs The Types Of Clothes You Choose To Wear, Makeup, And Everything Else. Hot Weather Has Always Been A Part Of Us. It Is Nothing New But Some Days Are Hotter Than Other Days And Comfort Is Essential When It Comes To Fashion. It Helps You To Express Your Fashion Sense Better.

Hot Weather Makes You Sweat, You Feel Sticky, And People With Oily Skin Are Mostly Disadvantaged During This Weather, As Their Skin Produces More Oil Which Causes Skin Conditions Like Pimples.

This Is Very Important; It Only Makes Sense That During Warm Sunny Days, It Is Better To Shower With Cold Water. The Cold Water Gives You A Cool And Comforting Feeling And Prevents Your Skin From Producing Extra Oil. Whereas Warm Or Hot Water Makes You Sweat Right After You Get Out Of The Shower. Makes You Feel Extra Warm And Will Also Make You Sweat. It Is Therefore Advisable To Bath With Cold Water.

Use Water-based Skin Lotions After Bathing. Prevents You From Sweating Excessively Which Makes Clothes Stick On Your Body Or Creating Sweat Marks In Your Clothes Which Is Certainly Embarrassing, When It Draws Attention. 
This Is For The Ladies; Your Hair Style During This Period May Contribute To The Amount Of Heat You Feel Around You. Therefore, Keep Your Hair Short, Or Style It Away From Your Face And Neck Area. For Long Hair And Braids, Pony Tails Are The Best. 

In Relation To Clothes, The Lighter The Colour, The Less Heat It Attracts. It’s Basic Knowledge That Dark Colours Especially Black, Attracts And Retains A Lot Of Heat So It’s Advisable To Stay Away From Them As Much As Possible Or Mix Them Up With Lighter Colours To Ward Off Some Amount Of Heat. The Weight Of The Fabric Is Also Important. Lighter Airy Fabrics Are Most Convenient. 

With Footwear, Sandals, Peep Toe Shoes Are Better Options. If It’s A Casual Outing, Slippers Will Do.

Finally, Drink A Lot Of Water To Help You From Getting Dehydrated. 
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How Sperm Length Affects Fertility
Most Fertility Research Has Focused On The Size Of Sperm And The Size Of The Swimmers' Heads, But A New Study Suggests The Variability In The Length Of Sperm Also May Put A Wrench In Successful Reproduction.

Like A Factory Churning Out Products Of Inconsistent Sizes, Ejaculates With Varying Sperm Lengths Can Be A Problem, Said James Mossman Of Brown University In Rhode Island. And His Study Suggests A Link Between This Variability And Sperm Quantity.

"There's A Lot More Work [that] Must Be Done To Characterize This Relationship, To Figure Out Why Males That Produce Large Numbers Of Sperm Also Produce Better Sperm," Mossman Told LiveScience. This Suggests Those With Less Variation Produce Higher Concentrations Of Good Sperm.

Mossman And His Colleagues, Who Detailed Their Results In The Oct. 28 Issue Of The Journal Human Reproduction, Say Sperm-length Measurements May Provide Insights Into A Man's Testes Function And The Process Through Which He Produces Mature Sperm Cells. [Sexy Swimmers: 7 Facts About Sperm]

Lots Of Variation

The Researchers Examined Semen Provided By 103 Men Who Enrolled In A Fertility Study In 2006. They Found A Link Between A Wider Variation In Sperm Length, Particularly That Of The Flagellum, Or The Tail, And A Lower Concentration Of Sperm That Could Swim Well. Men With A Lower Variation In The Length Of Sperm Components Produced Sperm That Were More Likely To Be Motile.

The Little Swimmers Varied Quite A Bit Among Participants: The Head Length Of Sperm Varied About 20 Percent, While The Mid-piece, Which Houses The Mitochondria, Had Higher Variations, And The Flagellum Length Varied About 20 Percent Variation. "These Are Very Measurable Differences," Said Mossman.

That Sperm Would Vary Wasn't Entirely Unexpected, But Prior Research Had Focused On The Size Of The Sperm Head Or On Sperm's Average, Or Mean, Length, Which The Researchers Found To Be Just One Of The Factors That Mattered In Determining The Number Of Quality Sperm.

"What Was Interesting Was That We Found That Variation Was More Important For Fertility Than The Mean Length," Mossman Said.

Sperm And Infertility

Many Significant Questions About Swimmers Still Linger, Said Chris Ford, A Sperm Researcher At The University Of Bristol In The United Kingdom Who Wasn't Involved In The Current Study. He Pointed Out The Researchers Used Subjective Measures Of Quality Of Sperm Movement, . "We Can't Tell If The Longer Sperm Were Swimming Faster Or If All The Sperm In The Ejaculate Were Of Better Quality And So Swam Faster Irrespective Of Their Length," Ford Said.

Cracking The Nut Of Sperm Quality Could Help Couples Overcome Fertility Issues. In About 50 Percent Of Couples With Conceiving Issues, Male Infertility Is To Blame.

In Humans, It Is More Of An Endurance Race Than A Sprint For Sperm To Reach Eggs, Explained John Fitzpatrick, A Researcher At The Centre For Evolutionary Biology At The University Of Western Australia. Because Of This Grueling Test Of Endurance, Only High-quality Sperm Are Able To Reach And Fertilize Eggs.

"Having Less Variable Sperm That Are More Motile Probably Means That A Greater Number Of Sperm Will Be Able To Reach The Egg. Whether The Egg Can Choose Amongst These Sperm At This Point Is An Open Question," Said Fitzpatrick, Who Wasn't Involved In The Study.

Mossman Says That Researchers Are Just Beginning To Understand Which Genes Are Important For Fertility, For Eventual Gene Therapy Targets – And Also To Understand Which Environmental Factors Can Impact Sperm Numbers And Quality. Size Does Matter – But So Does Consistency.
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5 Sex Sins That Can Ruin Your Love Life -- And How To Avoid Them
Are You Guilty Of Committing Any Of The Following Common Sexual Sins? They Each Have The Potential To Destroy Your Sex Life, But Don't Panic ‑- They're All Preventable. If You Want To Be The Best Lover He's Ever Had ‑- Not To Mention Maxing Out Your Own Pleasure Potential ‑- Pay Close Attention.

Sex Sin #1: Squeamishness

Most People Have Their Most Intense Orgasms By Way Of Oral Sex. With That Said, Refusing To Give Your Partner Oral Sex Is Unforgivable. Women Who Jump Five Feet If A Drop Of Semen Dares To Land Somewhere It Supposedly Shouldn't Will Top Any Man's List Of Girls I Never Want To Sleep With Again. How Could It Possibly Be A Turn-on For A Guy To See A Woman Approach His Penis With Her Nose Crinkled Up And An "Ew!" Expression On Her Face?

Get Over It

If You're Worried About Smell ‑- His Or Your Own ‑- Pounce On Him Straight After A Shower. Solve Any Gagging Problems By Using A Position Where You're In Control (for Example, He Stands In Front Of You While You Sit On The Bed Facing Him With One Hand Holding His Penis As You Take Him In Your Mouth). 

As For Swallowing, Most Men Won't Mind If You Don't, So Long As There's An Appealing Alternative. If That's The Case, Try Removing Your Mouth As You Continue To Stimulate Him With Your Hand, And Let Him Ejaculate Elsewhere On Your Body Or His. Yes, There Will Be A Mess ‑- But Sex Is Messy. And The Sooner You Accept That There's No Way To Avoid Ending Up Sweaty And Smudged, With Stained, Crumpled Sheets, The Better.

Sex Sin #2: Fear Of Experimentation

Your Partner Wants You To Dress Up As A Waitress? Lick Pumpkin Pie From His Navel? Play A Game Of Naked Twister? Resist Your Usual Knee-jerk Reaction, And Instead Of Asking, "What Planet Are You From?" Consider It. 

We All March To The Beat Of A Different Drum, And If That's What Does It For Him, Why Not Indulge Him? Just Because The "average" Population Doesn't Appear To Need Or Want The Same, Who Cares? So Long As No One Is Being Hurt Physically Or Emotionally, And It Doesn't Become A Necessity (which Then Moves It Into Fetish Territory), Aim To Be A Healthily Adventurous Anything Goes Girl. Nothing Kills A Sex Life Faster Than A Partner Who Refuses To Push Herself Out Of Her Sexual Comfort Zone. 

If You Refuse Every Time He Suggests Something New, You're Sending A Clear Signal: Your Pleasure And Needs Aren't Important To Me. Judge Him For Suggesting Something "bad" Or "shocking," And You Virtually Guarantee He'll Never Propose Doing Anything Even Vaguely Interesting Ever Again.

Get Over It

Adopt This Motto: "If I Have No Real Moral Objections To What My Partner Wants To Try, But Just Don't Fancy It, I Will Try It Once." If You Would Truly Rather Get A Root Canal Than Even Attempt It, Try To Recapture The Spirit Of What He's Suggesting ‑- Role Play, Dirty Talk, Etc. ‑- But With Different Specifics. Or Simply Come Up With A Different Idea That's Just As Experimental, So (a) He Doesn't Feel Rejected And (b) You're Still Broadening Your Sexual Horizons.

Sex Sin #3: Not Knowing Thine Own Body

Most Women Have Their First Orgasm Solo Because, Unlike Men's, Our Orgasms Aren't An Easy Process. While He's Struggling To Control Embarrassing, Impromptu Erections On The Train Or Desperately Counting Backwards From 500 In A Bid Not To Orgasm In Class, Most Girls Are Doing Quite The Opposite. We're Locked Away In A Darkened Room Trying To Figure Out What Buttons To Press, And How To Make Something Happen, Desperately Hoping Our Flatmate Doesn't Barge In Before It Does. 

Frustrating? Yes. But Ultimately Worth It: 95 Percent Of Women Who Masturbate Can Orgasm That Way. In Fact, If You're A Female Who Has Never Masturbated, It's Extremely Likely You've Never Had An Orgasm In Your Life.

Get Over It

If You're Not As Orgasmic As You'd Like To Be, Put In The Effort Now To Figure Out Why. Experiment With Different Masturbation Techniques And Touches Until You Hit On Some That Are Consistently Successful And Partner-friendly. 

Pay Attention During Sex. Be Aware Of What You're Enjoying And What's Not So Nice. Think About Past Sex Sessions, Old Lovers And Fantasies About New Ones Until You're Confident You Have A Clear Map Of Your Individual Sexual Response System In Your Head. 

Above All, Ditch Any Ridiculous Expectations That You Don't Have To Work At Your Sex Life. We All Tend Toward A Presumption That Good Sex Magically "just Happens." But The Reality Is, Six Years Into A Relationship You Won't Be As Passion-hungry As You Were Six Weeks After Meeting Him. Why Is It That We Accept That Our Bodies And Faces Will Age Over Time, And Will Need More Work To Keep Them Looking Good, Yet We Assume Our Sex And Love Lives Will Require Zero Effort From Both Parties? Recognize That You Have To Work At It, And You'll See More Long-term Results.

Sex Sin #4: Never Taking Charge

If You Always Wait For Your Partner To Initiate Sex, You're Seriously Missing Out. Power Can Be A Huge Turn-on, And Nothing Feels Sexier Than Being The One Unzipping The Trousers And Having Your Wicked Way With Him. 

Initiating Sex When That's Not Your Usual Style Can Jump-start Even The Most Sluggish Of Libidos. With Your Partner Pleasantly Caught Off-guard, You'll Get A Buzz From Being In The Power Position.

Get Over It

Make The First Move As Often As Possible ‑- And Keep Having Sex Even When You Don't Really Feel Like It. Human Beings Are Creatures Of Habit: Our Bodies Thrive On Routine Because It Keeps Things Simple In A Complex World. 

Have A Waffle Every Day After Lunch And Within Three Or Four Days, Buying And Eating Them Will Become Automatic. Your Body Will Wait For That Sugary Carb Rush (and Your Thighs Will Get Bigger And Bigger, But That's Beside The Point). By Setting Up A Craving Cycle And Having Regular Orgasms, Your Body Will Expect Its Regular Sex Quota. It's Worth Pushing Yourself When You're Not Longing For It, If For No Better Reason Than To Keep Your Libido Stable.

Sex Sin #5: Being Easily Embarrassed

We've All Been There. One Minute You're Groaning And Moaning With Unbridled Lust, Then Suddenly The Next Noise Is, Shall We Say, Less Erotic? Or Who Hasn't Turned On The Lights To Discover That Her Period Arrived Early, And The Bed Looks Like A Battlefield? 

Only Last Week I Woke Up To See A (new) Lover Staring At Me With Absolute Astonishment: I Hadn't Removed My Makeup The Night Before, And The False Eyelashes I'd Been Wearing For A Film Shoot Had Worked Their Way Down My Face And Looked Like Little Spiders Sleeping On My Cheeks. 

A Friend Of Mine Recently Humiliated Herself By Pushing Her New Boyfriend Downward, Then Suddenly Remembering That She'd Applied Yeast Infection Cream A Few Hours Before. She Pulled Him Back Up In The Nick Of Time For The Confession.

Get Over It

Embarrassing, But Highly Amusing Sex Stories Abound ‑- And For Good Reason. We're Dealing With Something That Forces Us To Get Up Close And Personal With Someone Else, And That Means There's Very Little You Can Get Away With. 

Smelly Breath And Smelly Body Parts, Openings And Orifices That Start "talking" On Their Own Accord, There Are So Many Potential Disasters, You'd Have To Avoid Being In The Same Room Altogether To Guarantee Looking Smooth And Cool All The Time. Give Up Now.
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How Men Enable Their Female Partners To Gain Weight And Ruin Their Sex Lives
I Paid A Visit To My Local Supermarket Last Evening And I Was Astounded By The Shapes And Sizes Of Some Of My Fellow Female Shoppers. I’m Usually In A Rush And Have Little Time To Gaze At Others But This Time Was Different. Given My Early Start I Was Afforded A Leisurely Shopping Experience During Which Time I Noticed That Several Of The Women Were Obese By Any Standards. Even More Disturbing, Many Appeared To Range In Age From Their Late Twenties To Early Forties—and Most With Beautiful Faces. I’m Sure Many Of The Men Were Overweight, But I’ll Deal With Them Another Time.
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Discussion: Have You Had A C-section Before?
A Caesarean Section Is Usually Performed When A Vaginal Delivery Would Put The Baby's Or Mother's Life Or Health At Risk.

In Recent Times, Though, It Has Also Been Performed Upon Request For Childbirths That Could Otherwise Have Been Natural.

Have You Had A C-section Before? What Was Your Experience? And The Most Frustrating Comment You Heard People Pass About The Procedure? 
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Ladies, 7 Things You Shouldn't Tell Your Partner

Confessions Are Good, But Not Always. To Stay In A Happy relationship we Suggest Some Things Left Untold To Your present. Trust Us, What They Don’t Know, Won’t Hurt Them. At Least You’ll Be Spared Of Your Current Popping Up Those Memories When You Two Have A Fight.

He Called, We Talked, It Was Nice
Your Ex Is Back In Town, Or Is starting up A New Project, Or Is Kicked About His Newly Joined Swimming Classes. We Know your Partner surely Has Zilch Interest In Those Details. Keep It For Yourself, Also, Maybe for Your gal-pals (they’ll Love listening that Goss.)

Oh! The Sex Was Great
On The Backseat Of The Car, In The Elevator, On The Balcony, On the Bean bag, And Wherever Else You Might Have Done It! Be You Careful, Lady, Before Spilling Those Beans To Your Man. Bragging about Your Past Sex Life Is So Not Done Because We’re Sure Your Guy Would Be Scarred listening to Your Sexcapades. So Keep Those Details At Bay From Your Current Flame Lest You May Get In Trouble. Also, Even If your Partner is Fine listening to Those Sex-tales But Has Never Experienced Even A Wee Of That, You’ll Surely Be At The Receiving End Of A Whole Lot Of Cribbing.

That Was Special
We Know most Romantic Encounters Are Special. But It’s Okay If You Conceal That Bit From Your Current. Nothing Will Get Him More Jealous Or Upset Than You telling him, “Well! That Was Special.”

I Cheated When With Him
Your Ex Was ‘drab’, True To Every letter in The Word ‘drab’. And You Cheated On Him With His Best Friend Or With Any Other Man. We Warn You, Don’t Let Out That Detail To The Current Love Of Your Life. Listening to Your Past Cheating Experience, He Might Just Hire A Spy On You, So He Be Cautious.

Gosh, He Once Told Me The Same Thing
In Romance, It’s Mostly Tried And Tested, But Nothing Like Making your Partner believe ‘wow! That’s New’. So If You’ve Heard The Exact Same Thing From Both Your Current And Your Ex, Don’t You Jump Up With Glee Saying, ‘This Must Be True Coz I’ve Heard The Exact Same Thing From My Ex!’

And We’ve Won The Best Couple Award
Everytime You Got Clicked With Your Ex Beside, People Would Go ‘Aww’. Cute, Yes! We Don’t Deny You Might Have Been The Best Couple In Town Seeing Whom Other Couples Would Turn Green With Envy. But Maybe You’d Want your Partner to Believe Otherwise. Just So He Has No Complex And Stays Happy.

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